CERN Structure

The Council is the highest authority of the Organization and has the responsibility for all important decisions.
It was established by the Convention between the Member States, who each appoint delegates representing his/her government's administration and the national scientific interests.


The Council is assisted by two subsidiary bodies:

  • the Scientific Policy Committee which evaluates the scientific merit of activities proposed by physicists and makes recommendations on CERN’s scientific programme
  • the Finance Committee which deals with all issues relating to financial contributions by the Member States and to the Organization's budget and expenditure.

The Director-General appointed by the Council, is the head of the CERN management and is assisted by a Directorate.

Departments and units :
DG - Director-General units
DO - Directorate Office
BE - Beams
EN - Engineering
EP - Experimental Physics
FAP - Finance and Administrative Processes
HR - Human Resources
IPT - Industry, Procurement & Knowledge Transfer
IT - Information Technology
SMB - Site Management and Buildings
TE - Technology
TH - Theoretical Physics
PRJ - Projects
SIS - Scientific Information Service
IR - International Relations sector
HSE - Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection unit
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