Emergency, Safety and Health

FIRE - ACCIDENT - POLLUTION - Medical emergencies on the CERN site
CALL Fire Brigade

24h / 24h
Bldg. 65, ground floor

The silver label on the telephone indicates the building, the floor and the room where you are. Use a mobile telephone only if a CERN telephone is not available: Swiss GSM Network 74444 or +41 22 767 4444

At your workplace, make sure that you know where to find the nearest Fire Extinguisher
At your workplace, make sure that you know where to find the general Emergency Stop

When an accident occurs, the first reaction is often decisive; the life or death of the victim and the gravity of the consequences of the accident often depend on the speed with which first aid is administered and on the correct choice of action.
If you witness an accident or dangerous occurrence (fire, flood, medical emergency, etc.), you must immediately:

  • Protect the victim, the people in the vicinity and yourself
  • Alert the Fire Brigade (74444)
  • Help the victim (injured persons must never be moved without good reason)
  • Safeguard the evidence

Defibrillators in public buildings - Location

Acquire life-saving skills and learn how to use a defibrillator at CERN - Flyer on Cardiac arrest GB - FR

Reporting of Accidents


Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection

Emergencies in Geneva and France
Health and Social Info Geneva
Health and Social Info France


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