Financial Matters

Payment of remuneration

Paid members of the personnel,  holding a contract of three months or more are paid from the payroll. Payments to other categories of the personnel are made on the basis of a claim completed in EDH.

Personnel Accounting - Frequently Asked Questions

Personnel payment dates


Advance payments

For Associates, Students, Employed members of the personnel (staff members, fellows)


Subsistence Allowance

For Associated members of the personnel


Payment of removal expenses

For Paid associates, Fellows, Staff members


Payment of travel expenses on taking up appointment

For Members of the personnel


Installation indemnity

For Fellows and Staff members


Travel to the home station and home leave / Travel and leave for family reasons

For Fellows and Staff members


Non-resident allowance and international indemnity

For Staff members


Official travel - Subsistence indemnity

For Members of the personnel


Handling of bank account details

Members of the personnel who are paid by the Organization and hold a contract of three months or more, are paid from the payroll. Payments are made in Swiss francs into an account held with a bank located either on the CERN site (Meyrin or Prévessin) or off the CERN site in Switzerland.

Users, COAS or Visiting Scientists who are receiving subsistance payments from CERN, via EDH claims, are paid into their bank account. Exceptionally, if they do not hold a bank account in Switzerland or elsewhere, payments may be made in cash (further information is available in the procedure concerning payment and reimbursement forms - EDH Claims).

Handling of bank account details: Procedure


Opening a bank account

For Users, COAS or Visiting Scientists, the Users’ Office issues the necessary form.

To open an account with another bank in Switzerland or France  : Procedure


Change of bank account

Information is available in : Procedure


Change of name

Members of the Personnel must inform both CERN and their bank of any change of name : Procedure


Family allowance

For staff members and fellows who have a family (spouse or dependent child) CERN pays family allowances.


Child allowance

For staff members and fellows a child allowance for each dependent child.


Infant allowance

For staff members and fellows an infant allowance for each dependent child aged less than three years.


Education fees

For staff members, fellows and scientific associates, CERN contributes to the education fees and language course fees of each dependent child subject to certain conditions.


Education fees for handicapped children

For staff members, fellows and scientific associates the Organization grants dependent child's allowance and specific education fees.


Payment of language course fees

For staff members


Income Taxation

Applicable to members of personnel

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