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CERN Staff Association

The Staff Association defends the interests of staff members and their families and promotes good relations among people working on the CERN site.
They organize artistic exhibitions (paintings, sculptures, photographs, pottery, etc.), as well as evening conferences on various subjects.
News are published in the Staff Association Bulletin.

Nursery school of the CERN Staff Association

Staff Association Clubs

The Staff Association oversees many clubs like astronomy, basketball, cricket, folklore, ski...  Special news and information are published in the Weekly Bulletin.

Welcome Club

The CERN Welcome Club offers 70 hours of courses weekly: sports, languages, arts, handicrafts, as well as meetings and excursions. Further info is available on the Web Site. Special news and activities are published in the Women's Club Newsletter and in the CERN Weekly Bulletin.
CWC Toddler Group

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding at work

Social Affairs Service

The Social Affairs Service is a drop-in service open to members of the CERN personnel (all categories: employed or associated), beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund, and members of their families. It offers advice and support in a wide variety of circumstances (professional and private):

Information on integration and stay in the Host States.

Counselling regarding concerns and problems of a personal, family, professional, administrative or financial nature.

Assistance in dealing with relevant authorities or services.

Support in facing new situations.

Agreement with EVE Champs-Frechets (Meyrin)
Agreement with Jardin de Capucine (Saint-Genis-Pouilly)

CERN Ombuds

Ideally, interpersonal issues between those working at, or on behalf of, CERN, should be resolved between the colleagues concerned. However, sometimes this dialogue is not successful or is not possible. In these cases, the services of an Ombuds may help to resolve disputes in a consensual and impartial manner, thus promoting the good functioning of the Organization.

The Ombuds’ mandate is to provide guidance with regard to the application and interpretation of the Code of Conduct and to offer confidential assistance for the informal resolution of interpersonal issues. Contact with the Ombuds is made on a voluntary basis. The Ombuds is there to listen, share and examine preoccupations or problems. Conflict resolution may only take place with the agreement of the parties involved.


Pensioners' Association


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