Technical Support Services

Beams Department (BE)

Accelerators and Beam Physics (ABP)
Responsible for the operation of all CERN present and future Accelerators, their associated Experimental Areas and for the monitoring of the overall technical infrastructure at CERN.

Beam Instrumentation (BI)
Responsible for designing, building and maintaining the instruments that allow observation of the particle beams and the measurement of related parameters for all CERN accelerators and transfer lines.

Controls (CO)
This group is responsible for the specification, design, procurement, integration, installation, commissioning and operation of the controls infrastructure for all CERN Accelerators, their transfer lines and the Experimental Areas. Support is also provided to the technical infrastructure services that rely on standard controls facilities provided by the group.

Operations (OP)
Responsible for the specification, design, procurement, integration, installation, commissioning and operation of the controls infrastructure for all CERN Accelerators, their transfer lines and the Experimental Areas. 

Radio-Frequency (RF)
Responsible for the RF Acceleration and Transverse Damping Systems for CERN accelerators. Our team operates the RF systems of existing accelerators and participates to the design of future accelerators and upgrades to existing machines.

Industrial Controls and Safety (ICS)
Provides solutions and support for industrial control systems and develops, installs and maintains CERN's safety systems including fire and gas detection, evacuation and access control.


Engineering Department (EN)

Providing overarching project coordination for the accelerator complex, including layout management, integration,scheduling, work and safety coordination, as well as for different projects...

concerns the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the cooling systems, pumping stations, air conditioning plants and fluid distribution systems for the PS, SPS and LHC including their experimental areas and special cooling systems of LHC sub-detectors. It also provides service to the Computer Centre and some miscellaneous installations...


The EL group is responsible for the CERN electrical distribution network from 400kV to 400/230V. Its main missions are to operate, maintain, extend and renovate the network, analyse and make projections for CERN electrical energy consumption and manage relations with the energy suppliers...

The mandate of the Handling Engineering (HE) Group is to provide transport and handling services for the technical infrastructure of CERN, accelerators and experiments. This includes the design, the tendering/procurement, the installation, the commissioning, the operation, the maintenance and decommissioning of standard industrial and custom built transport and handling equipment...

The mandate of the MME group is to provide to the CERN community specific engineering solutions combining mechanical design, fabrication and material sciences...

The SMM Group develops and maintains a centralized competence in Survey, Mechatronic systems, tests and Measurement...

The Sources, Targets and Interactions Group has the mandate to study the interactions of beam with matter, aiming to apply its know-how to particle generation...

Experimental Physics Department (EP)

Electronics Systems for Experiments (ESE)
The Electronic Systems for Experiments group (ESE) designs and maintains electronics systems for the experiments at CERN and supplies a series of electronics related services.

Detector Technologies Group (DT)
The Detector Technologies (DT) group in the Experimental Physics department participates in the development, construction and operation of particle detectors for experiments at CERN. This comprises detector consolidation and upgrade projects as well as infrastructure for experiments.

Software Development for Experiments (SFT)
The SFT group in the EP department develops and maintains common scientific software for the physics experiments.

Space Management and Infrastructure (SME)
The SME (small and medium-sized experiments) group in the EP department regroups all physics experiments using AD, ISOLDE, PS and SPS beams, as well as experiments not requiring beam.

Information Technology Department (IT)

Accelerator Database Service
This service provides tailored support for accelerator related database applications.

Account Management
Manage computer accounts, password, help.

Computer Security
Computing Rules, advice, training and security services.

Visitor laptop registration
This registration page applies for short term external visitors (i.e. people from research institutes, external companies, etc.) wanting to use of the CERN campus network with their own computer during their visit.
IT Services

Site Management and Buildings Department (SMB)

Conventional Waste Collection and Classification
Collection, disposal, transport, selection and elimination of waste conventional material.

Dangerous Waste Collection and Classification
This service takes care of the classification and elimination of all types of waste which can be considered as polluting and/or dangerous for the environment.

Patrimony and Site Information
This service is responsible for providing maps, plans and geographic or patrimony related information for CERN.

Buildings Repair And Maintenance Service
This service provides repairing, maintenance and new construction of infrastructure for surface and underground areas, and the associated technical systems.

Barracks Service
This service provides the rental intallation and support of prefabricated cabins, also called huts, or barracks.

Green Spaces Service
They are responsible for the maintenance of green spaces, pavements and cleaning of roads and parkings.
The total area covered represents about 60 hectares spread on 16 different sites.

Goods and Material Service (orders through the stores)
This service is responsible for handling goods and materials logistics flow at CERN.

Stores Catalogue

Product and Store Management
This function is about purchasing, validation and standarisations of store items.
Maintain store and product content, manage orders and customers, handles out of stock and pre-order items.

Roads and Drainage Service
The scope of this service comprises all roads and paved areas at CERN it provides maintenance, refurbishment and repair works.

Stores Operations
Stores organization, prepare goods for internal shipping, return of item defects under guarantee.

Supply Chain Desk
Delivery of urgent orders and manage material return.

VAT & Customs Advisory Service
Advise on specific questions regarding VAT and Customs matters and relations with French and Swiss customs.

Waste Management Service
This service is responsible for the collection and disposal of conventional and dangerous rubbish and waste from the CERN's sites.

Technology Department (TE)

Accelerator Beam Transfer group (ABT)
The ABT group is in charge of the design, development, construction, installation, exploitation and maintenance of injection and extraction related equipment...

Cryogenics group (CRG)
CRG group is responsible of the design, construction, operation & maintenance of cryogenic systems for accelerators and detectors.

Electrical Power Converters group (EPC)
The TE-EPC group is in charge of the design, development, procurement, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical power systems for all accelerators, transfer lines, experimental areas and tests facilities at CERN.

Machine Protection and Electrical Integrity group (MPE)
Support LHC operation and maintain state‐of‐the art technology for magnet circuit protection and interlock systems for the present and future accelerators, magnet test facilities and CERN hosted experiments...

Magnets, Superconductors and Cryostats (MSC)
Design, construction and measurements of superconducting and normal conducting Magnets for the CERN accelerator complex...

Projects, Planning and Resources group (PPR)
Ensuring the follow-up of technical and administrative matters and the implementation of decisions of the TE Management (TEMB) and Technical (TETM) Boards...

Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings (VSC)
Design, construction, operation, maintenance and upgrade of high & ultra-high vacuum systems for Accelerators and Detectors...

Service Portal - Technical Support

Access Safety for Radiation Areas Service
This service supports the design, procurement, integration, maintenance and evolution of access control and safety interlock systems, including user support, for the CERN accelerator areas.

  • LHC Access Control & Safety Interlocks (ZORA LHC)

  • SPS Access Control & Safety Interlocks (ZORA SPS)

  • PS Access Control & Safety Interlocks (ZORA PS)

SUSI Building Access Management Service
Design, procurement, maintenance and support for physical access control systems for non-interlocked (i.e. non-accelerator) areas.
This service element is also known by the acronym: SUSI (SUpervision des Sites

CAD Application Support
This service provides the organization with tools, support, training and methodology in support of mechanical engineering requirements for Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Site Engineering Design Service
This service provides project management support for large scale civil engineering projects and works both on surface and underground including studies for major projects.

Cleaning Service
This service covers and provides activities and works associated with the cleaning and maintenance of CERN facilities and buildings both on a regular basis and for special events.

Digital Library Service
This service provides an institutional repository, a disciplinary repository for the HEP and ILC community as well as tools for managing day-to-day operations of the CERN Library.

Electrical Installations Service
This service provides design, maintenance, and installation of electrical equipment in surface areas.

Safety and Access Engineering Service
This service provides consultancy to managers and engineers in charge of projects, collaborations or organizational units that require assistance in deploying, configuring or improving tools and systems in the domain of access control, safety alarms systems as well as engineering & equipment data management.

Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Service and Compressed Air Service
This service provides operation, design, maintenance and installation services for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems in 'tertiary buildings'.

Industrial Exhibitions Service
This services provides support for planning and organizing industrial exhibitions and events at CERN, including support for large-scale exhibitions, company visits and one-day technical presentations.

Job Management Application Support
This service provides support for the Job Management application, including the Job Management tool (JMT), workflows and integration into the Procurement ERP system.

Onsite Removal Service
This service is responsible for organizing and managing onsite removals of office furniture and associated materials within CERN sites.

Safety Alarm System Service
This service provides consultancy on safety alarm systems and is responsible for the design, installation, continuous operation, maintenance and support of safety alarm systems and safety alarm transmission systems.

Sanitary And Drinking Water Service
This service provides repairing, maintenance and new construction of sanitary installations in surface and underground areas. Sanitary installations include toilets, sinks, water taps, showers, urinals, sanitary piping, valves and fittings, safety showers and eye washing systems, hot sanitary water and drinkable water systems.

Storage Service
This service enables and supports the correct and appropriate storage of relevant materials at CERN.

Stores - Gas Distribution
Responsible for the distribution of all gases, including gas mixtures and calibration gases in cylinders and banks.

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